Why Choose solar PV

  • An average home could generate up to £600.00 per year
     (Based on a 4KW system facing South at 30 degrees)
  • Feed In Tariff (FIT) *
    You will be paid 4.25p for every kWh of electricity you produce
  • Save money on your electricity bills
    Use the electricity you generate rather than buying from your supplier
  • Sell back electricity to your supplier
    You will be paid a further 4.91p per kWh for 50% of your generated electricity, regardless of whether you use it all or not
  • Increase the value of your home
    Homes with Solar panels installed are generally valued at 6-8% higher than the general market price
  • Percentage Annual Return on Investment
    An average annual return on investment is around 9% (based on our prices which include an increase of electricity prices, based on a conservative 2.5% increase per annum)
  •  Maximise the use of your generated electricity with battery storage and back-up                                    Install a battery storage system.  This will charge whilst your panels are operating using the free electricity.  The batteries will boost your supply at times when you have high usage and later in the day when your pv system is no longer generating enough electricity.  Therefore you will use less electricity from the grid and save money at the same time.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
    An average system (4kW) would reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 1650kg per year

* FIT is guaranteed for 20 years from date of commissioning (index linked)
(FIT rate as at 1 July 2016)

How does it work?

The solar panels are installed & will produce electricity, Converting day light (enhanced by sunlight) via an inverter. This electricity passes through a generation meter, which records a total amount of which you will be paid the Feed In Tariff for. The electricity is then fed to your fuse box for you to use free, instead of buying from your supplier, therefore saving on your electricity bill. Any electricity you do not use is automatically sold back to your supplier, this is in addition to your Feed In Tariff payment.

About us

DDR Solar was formed in March 2010 using electrical and roofing personnel with over 25 years’ experience.

We are a small company based in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, providing a friendly and professional service. We use top quality products at an affordable price.  We don’t employ sales people and don’t cold-call.  Enquiries are always welcome at our office in Golden Lion Yard (between the Golden Lion Hotel and pay & display car park).