50kWp farm installation at North Otterington, North Yorkshire

220kWp array in a disused quarry, Leyburn

Commercial PV

DDR Solar Ltd are experienced in installing commercial solar pv systems, which are becoming increasingly cost effective.  Whether you have an industrial unit with lots of potential roof space, a farm with under-used land, or even a disused quarry, you can earn a guaranteed income and produce free electricity from solar panels.

Inverters on a 30kWp installation near Northallerton

Inverters on a 30kWp installation near Northallerton

The government’s feed in tariff and export tariff schemes are available to commercial installations as well as domestic ones.

A south facing 50kWp array can earn  as much as a 10% return on investment.

Unlike many other renewable energy-generating technologies, solar panels need little or no maintenance or upkeep – once installed they start earning and generating an income on their own.

We are happy to carry out a no-obligation site survey and provide you with a quotation which will show the potential savings and earnings you could benefit from.

In certain cases we can also offer a shared scheme, enabling you to recoup your investment even more rapidly.  For example we could install a 100kWp system but you would only pay the price of a 50kWp system.  We would then share the income from the feed-in tariff and export tariffs with you, but you would benefit from 100% of any free electricity generated by the system.