1. Is my property suitable?
    “Most properties are suitable, however we will always carry out a site survey beforehand to confirm that this is the case”.
  2. Does orientation have an effect on the output of the system?
    “Yes it does, South is the optimum orientation, East & West are still suitable but produce a slightly reduced output”.
  3. Do I have to have PV on my roof?
    “No you can also have a ground mounted system”.
  4. Do I need planning permission?
    “As the installation of solar panels is deemed ‘permitted development’, most properties do not, however permission should be sought if the building is listed or in a Conservation Area.”
  5. Does the system still produce electricity in the winter“Yes, because the system runs on daylight rather than on sunlight (however sunlight does enhance production), the system will still produce electricity during the winter months but not as much as the summer months.
  6. Does the system generate hot water?
    “There is a device called the Solar Iboost that uses the excess energy generated by the solar system to heat your water through the immersion heater. This is however an addition. If you would like a system that solely heats water then solar thermal would be the best option for you”.
  7. What maintenance is involved?
    “Next to none, the panels are coated and therefore self-cleansing. It is advisable to check every so often that the panels are not dirty”.
  8. How do I sell back the electricity that I do not use?
    “Your electricity supplier will automatically pay you 4.85p per kW for 50% of the electricity generated by your installation.  This is in addition to your FIT at 4.39p. You are not required to do anything”.